This project, a true labor of love in all respects, is one of the more unique experiences in CP&Associates catalog. Demonstrating the power of collaboration, this project resulted in a custom residence intended to better the life of a client living with a number of sensitivities to pollutants.

Integrity Building Group spent several years working with this client in betterment of their existing rural home before both Client and Builder recognized that starting from scratch was a better solution to deal with the Clients health issues. CP&A was brought in by Integrity to consult on the Clients initial program and this lead to a rewarding collaboration between CP&A, Integrity and the Client to craft a home suited to the Clients unique needs.

Through the process, CP&A along with Roger Halverstadt (Integrity Building Group), developed concepts, building systems and special protocols for dealing with materials. All of which were vetted by the Client before being used in the construction. The need for ‘testing’ lead to the decision to build a detached garage structure first to test on a full size model the construction means, methods and materials. This proved to be a smart step as many materials and design elements were modified for construction of the residence.