The First National Bank and Trust Company commissioned CP&Associates in 1987 to design a new two-story vertical addition to their existing one-story building and to completely remodel the existing basement and first floors.

CP&Associates worked closely with the Owner and their pre-selected general contractor to design the new façade, and also to establish a phasing strategy and programmatic requirements that allowed for the uninterrupted operation of bank services during construction. While the new exterior façade an extension of the existing building's overall design with similar materials, the Board of Directors challenged CP&A to create "the most beautiful banking interiors between Kansas City and St. Louis."

CP&A delivered an intricately detailed design utilizing simple design elements and rich materials of cherry wood, granite and brass for the casework and decorative trim. New floor, wall and ceiling finishes, as well as new lighting, combined for a very striking yet functional interior.

In response to a request from the Board of Directors, CP&A also developed a master plan for the entire block. This included enhancing the parking lot area and adjacent properties behind the bank. The plan included a series of covered arcades that converted alleyways into pedestrian links, integrated a glass-enclosed courtyard, and provided new planting and other site amenities.