GEAR For Sports is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports apparel.  In 1989, the company then known as Winning Ways, was faced with an immediate need for more space and functionality than their existing facility could provide.  GEAR For Sports also foresaw expansion needs due to their current and future growth projections.  CP&A was selected to provide the planning, design and construction services for a new facility in a new location.


The resultant 238,000 square foot facility consolidated the company's warehouse, production and corporate functions.  The new building and 13-acre site also showcased GEAR For Sports in the most prestigious location within the Kansas Commerce Center Business Park .


One of the primary goals in the design was to allow GEAR personnel to concentrate on the superb production and sales support for which GEAR For Sports had become recognized.  Another goal was to bring natural light to the interior.  This was accomplished through curtain wall windows, a large roof skylight in the main public entrance rotunda, a large clerestory window wall for the full length of the Light Court and multiple roof skylights over the warehouse and production areas.  The design, organization and materials of the building visually distinguished the primary "parts"; office, warehouse and production.


A unique 2-story rotunda was located at the main corporate building entrance and serves as the most public interior space.  The rotunda marked the "hub" around which the offices, production and warehouse were connected.  Nine overhead skylights flood the rotunda with natural light.


The core executive office area was located on the second floor, above the main corporate and public entrance, and opened onto the interior sky lit Rotunda space.  A floor-to-ceiling exterior glass wall allows each executive office and the Executive Conference Room to look over the corporate entry driveways, office lunchroom outdoor patio and extensively landscaped corporate "front yard".  The coffered drywall ceilings and recessed lighting reinforce the curved building configuration.


GEAR For Sports desired to create a unique and productive work environment that met the needs of each employee.  CP&A interviewed every management staff member to fully assess their internal communication protocols, work flow patterns, space requirements, furniture and equipment needs prior to designing the overall spaces and individual work stations.  On the second floor open office area, business and sales departments were located.  Variations in the workstation panel heights visually distinguish departments from each other.


The company's success was dependent upon creative input from the many artists who design logos and images for the printing and embroidery production on high quality sports apparel.  The first floor Production Art Department was appointed with brightly colored, modulating panels to create a lively, artistic atmosphere.


GEAR For Sports had a reputation as an industry leader in the design and production of sports apparel.   Their commitment to maintain this status involved the installation of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  CP&A analyzed each manufacturing and warehouse operation and task, and incorporated the results into the new design, toward a goal of increasing productivity while maintaining the high quality demanded by management and market niche.