Having worked previously for this Owner on a commercial remodel project for his photography business, CP&A was asked to provide design and construction services for the Owner's new timberframe home.   The Owner researched various timberframe companies and made the final selection of a company based in Ohio.  Once that decision was made, CP&A, worked closely with the Owner and timberframe company to develop preliminary floor plans, sections and exterior elevations.


After the Owner approved the preliminary drawings, CP&A refined the design based on details provided by the timberframe company including foundation connections, frame layouts, structural insulated wall and roof panels (SIPS), and other critical details.  CP&A also coordinated how doors and windows were integrated and how electrical wiring and plumbing piping were routed within the timberframe system, to provide an overall home design that met the Owner's demands for aesthetics and comfort.  Ultimately, CP&A prepared construction documents to secure the necessary City permits and approvals, and provided services during construction to ensure the work complied with the documents, especially with regard to how the field work coordinated with the timberframe system.