Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen is one of Kansas City’s most popular drinking and dining establishments.  CP&A, a long-time patron, provided design and construction services for a new Sidewalk Café installation.  Working closely with the local general manager and the Owners, CP&A first researched what licensing and building code requirements would apply.  Based on the desired number of patrons, CP&A prepared multiple layout enclosure options.  The new sidewalk enclosure included two (2) new emergency exit gates to allow patrons to reach the public sidewalk from both the Sidewalk Café and existing building.

The final enclosure design consisted of a mid-height steel fence with vertical posts for mounting colorful umbrellas; a synthetic wood cap at the top of the fence; and multiple steel planter boxes attached to the fence.  The steel materials have a paint finish with bright colors to compliment the existing building’s colorful appearance.  To facilitate the Ponak’s servers and ensure an efficient operation for serving Sidewalk Café patrons, the existing fixed window to the Kitchen was replaced with an automatic sliding serving window.

The Owners preferred to work with Ponak’s customers, which included the general contractor, electrician and the steel fabrication company for the enclosure.  They all submitted construction bids based on CP&A's final drawings.  CP&A assisted the general contractor to secure a building permit, and reviewed shop drawings and other submittals.  The construction schedule was critical because Ponak’s needed several days to run through their operation for serving the new Sidewalk Café before the crowds of the Cinco de Mayo celebration.  The Sidewalk Café has proved to be a very positive addition to the already successful Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen.