Originally built in 1870, the Old English Lutheran Church was threatened with demolition in 1990.  A landmark legal case overturned the demolition, and the building was then purchased by a new Owner.   The Owner wanted to adaptively reuse the building for professional offices because of the nearby county courts buildings.  CP&A developed a new rehabilitation plan for the interior and a historic restoration approach to the exterior.


The rehabilitation included new interior structural columns and beams to stabilize the entire building and expand the basement and second floors.  The building grew to over 7,000 square feet of leasable area, which greatly facilitated the Owner's business plan.


On the interior, the new second floor was held back from the exterior side walls, allowing the original gothic windows to be seen in public aisles, and to retain a visual sense of the original historic nave space.


The Owner and CP&A have been widely recognized for their extraordinary preservation efforts and design excellence. In 1996, after the rehabilitation construction was completed and the building fully occupied, the property was nominated and accepted for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.


1995 Special Distinction for Design Excellence
IESNA Illumination Design Awards

1993 Preservation Award
Kansas Preservation Alliance