This project brought together architects, local artists and crafts people a unique solution to a unique problem.  Designed by Thomas Lamb, the Loew’s Midland Theatre was built in 1927.  However, Lamb’s design for the monumental arched window, although commemorated in the architect’s original construction drawings, was never built.  The building's current Owner desired to restore both the monumental window and entrance marquee to match the architect's original 1927 design.  Fortunately, a great deal of historic photographic documentation was available to guide the restoration, including copies of the original building facade and marquee drawings.

The marquee had to be recreated and fabricated using contemporary materials.  After being installed to the original steel beams, the fascia, roof, soffit, lighting, signage and decorative features match the original shape, design and details.

The monumental arched window required a new steel framing system.  A local artist cut the decorative patterns in an opaque film on the back side of the spandrel panels to allow light to only come out in those locations.  A large 3-dimensional sculptural piece was a unique collaborative effort between another local artist and a metal fabrication company.  Individual pieces were sculpted, molds made and then cast in aluminum, finished with special gilded material and attached to the new window framing.  The original architect's design vision was completed after over sixty years.