The Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City was founded in 1979 by two avid collectors of toys and miniatures.  When their collections outgrew their respective homes, they leased a 1911 historic home on the campus of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and opened to the public in 1982.


The founders continued to add to their collections.  In 1989, a 14,000 square foot building addition was made to the original building along with increased parking and other site improvements.  With the donation of a large toy marble collection, the museum constructed another 12,000 square foot building addition in 2004, for a total facility area of 33,500 square feet.


The museum had a CAP assessment in 1995, but the board staff desired a ReCAP of the entire facility to assist in a strategic planning effort, provide a framework for decision-making and set priorities for future facility improvements.


The Conservation Assessment Program ( CAP ) is a federally funded grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services that is administrated by Heritage Preservation.   The grant provides funds a general conservation survey of a museum's buildings, collections, environmental systems and property.   Two professional assessors visit each institution; an architectural assessor and a collections or objects assessor.


The assessors spend two days on-site gathering information, touring the museum and its collections and interviewing the staff.  Within eight weeks, each assessor transmits a rough draft of their report to the museum for review and comments.  The assessors then finalize the reports and issue two copies, one to the museum and one to Heritage Preservation.


The reports provide the following information for each museum:

1.       Executive summary including an overview history and background, and a list of recommendations with short-term, medium-term and long-term priorities.

2.       Brief description of existing conditions and observations, evaluation and recommendations for the following:

·    Site and property

·    Building exterior and interior

·    Collections

·    Photographic survey with comments

·    Drawing(s) of site or building floor plan(s)


CP&Associates has two certified architectural assessors, who have completed a total of eleven (11) CAP reports.