Working with long-term client Hallmark Cards and its subsidiary Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation (CCRC), CP&A provided planning, design and construction services for a major remodel within Hallmark's corporate headquarters.  Because much of the 4th floor existing slab-on-grade had to be replaced because of an expansive soil condition, Hallmark took this opportunity to rearrange and remodel departments and create new facilities for the benefit of Hallmark employees.  Overall, the remodel work on the 4th floor totaled 000,000 square feet.


CP&A prepared a phased master plan for the 4th floor remodel work, which had to be coordinated with the structural floor replacement.  The 4th floor was important to all of Hallmark because it included the "Crown Room", which was not only the corporate dining room and large employee meeting room, but was also considered to be the "heart" of Hallmark.


The first phase of the 4th floor remodel work involved relocating the Health Services Department and the Employee Card Shop.  Once the Health and Card Shop remodel work was completed, temporary walls were built to facilitate Hallmark employee access to both areas during the remaining construction.


The next phase on the 4th floor included an exciting new food service venue, the 5-Point CafĂ©.  Hallmark wanted a smaller, satellite area that served a more limited food offering in a casual setting.


The third phase included the Town Center and a new, open stair from the 4th to 5th floors.  The Town Center accommodated special corporate displays and multiple types of lighting to be flexible for various types of activities.  The adjacent new, open stair provided employees more direct access from the 5th floor down to the 4th floor.


The final phase on the 4th floor remodel work was the Crown Room.  A new dishwashing room also expanded the size of the existing room and had new dishwashing equipment.


Upon completion of this multi-phase remodel project, the 4th floor was significantly upgraded with employee amenities and services, and provided an exciting evolution to Hallmark's corporate campus.