In 2005, CP&A's client and his daughter founded their own unique eating establishment.  The goal was to celebrate the gathering of family and friends around fresh, flavorful food.  All the ice cream and most of the other menu items and creations are made locally on the premises.  Cirque d'Alex is definitely not your ordinary fare.

CP&A knew the client very well from a prior association when he was a Maggie Moos franchisee.  After going on his own, the client found an existing building to accommodate his retail operation, production space needs and business office.  CP&A was contacted to provide the necessary planning, design and construction services for the new enterprise.

The client had a clear vision of what kind of space his store should have and what materials to be used.   CP&A worked closely with the client to provide technical research and to design a clean, contemporary space using a limited palette of materials that provided a neutral background with colorful accents and graphics.  The low wall between the customers and the staff was covered with reddish-orange glass mosaic tiles with stainless steel trim.  From the exposed roof structure, two (2) distinctively styled light fixtures were randomly suspended over the dining area, along with two (2) sizes of large, internally illuminated, drum-shaped elements with colorful fun graphics.  The tables and chairs in the dining space also contribute colorful accents to the overall interior appearance.

In addition to the retail space, CP&A designed a large production area where the ice cream is made and other food items prepared.  Fortunately, the free-standing building had enough size to also fit the client's office needs.

In less than two years after the remodel construction was completed, the client found a nearby shopping center location to develop a second store.  CP&A adapted the original interior design and palette of materials to the interior improvements for this space.  The original production facility made all the ice cream for both stores.