2345 Grand Boulevard (28 floors)2380 McGee Building (4 floors)
Beginning in the early 1990s and continuing today, CP&A has provided architectural services for multiple office-type tenant improvement projects in these two buildings, located just north of the mid-town Crown Center area.   As part of a major urban development project in the late 1970s, both the 2345 and 2380 buildings were designed and constructed with an emphasis on the highest quality for that time; especially the building materials, equipment and operating systems.   As a testament to that foresight in design and construction, the 2345 Grand building was certified Existing Building Gold by LEED in 2012, the first such recognition in the Kansas City area.
For over twenty years, CP&A established an on-going relationship with the Building Manager of these two buildings by providing responsive and competitive professional design and construction services.   CP&A has endured the sale of this premier property on two different occasions, and continues to provide services for the Building Management staff under the latest building ownership.
In addition to providing space planning services, prospective tenant program reviews and test fits, and design/construction documentation for tenant improvement build-outs, CP&A coordinated closely with Building Management to create the initial database, graphically document all the floor layouts and establish related protocols for each floor according to the nationally-recognized Building Operators and Managers Association (BOMA) standards for calculating floor areas.   CP&A continues to maintain the building management database and to assist the Building Manager with other tenant-related services including preparation of leasing exhibits, calculation of lease and core square foot areas, and production of leasing graphic documents.
The following is a sampling of tenant improvement projects that CP&A has completed over the years:

American Public Works Association
Hughes Hubbard & Reed
Think Credit Union
Department of Housing and Urban Development
A. J. Gallagher
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Jack Cooper Transportation
Fitness Center (Tenant Amenity)
FDIC Regional Office (Lease Renewal Proposal)
Summit Marketing (Lease Proposal)